Mission and Values

Ridge Creek Global, Inc., as a wealth advisor, leads the way through independent thought leadership and research.  It does so by passionately searching out and identifying compelling opportunities for clients by navigating a constantly changing and uncertain landscape.  We identify and solve problems. 

Our experience and independence informs our ability to embrace uncertainty and focus on the future.  Rather than viewing rising carbon emissions and worldwide uncertainty as problems, we embrace the environment as providing unlimited opportunities.  Converting that perspective into a philosophy of investing in areas of growth that change the narrative and expands opportunities for our clients is our passion.

Our independent thought leadership and research guides us and has given us the courage and confidence to adapt and adjust over the decades.  Many paths benefit our clients and we walk together along those meandering pathways.  Carbon neutral 2050 is an area with compelling growth potential and promising returns in an evolving landscape.  We invest in companies in carbon neutral industries as well as companies developing and leveraging carbon neutral technologies. We are nimble, curious and tenacious and adapt our approach as the landscape evolves.  We are here for you today and long into the future.